Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Official

I'm a Blackberry user.
I know kinda crazy.
I switched phone companies.
I feel like I've betrayed my old company.
I mean, they did give my big break when I finally got a cell phone.
I didn't know I was so loyal to certain places.
But I am.
OH well.
When it comes to saving money, plus better service I shouldn't feel guilty about switching.
Guess what else.
I have a new fridge.
I'm happy.
It's like five times the size of my old one.
Oh ya, I'm doing the happy dance.
My girls are still driving me bonkers some days.
Its like they have to test EVERY single limit.
Melody is a sweetheart though.
Minus the keeping mom up till midnight thing.
Oh well.
I'm a mom, I'll adjust.

Hope you have some fun suprises in your life coming up!

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