Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilting and Facebook

 Last Thursday and Friday my mom and I went out to the big city of our state to help quilt the yearly Farm Bureau quilt of the counties. Each year there is a quilt block given to each county womens chair to be emborderd within that years theme. The blocks are then all collected and sewn into a quilt. The state womens committee then gets together to hand quilt it.
 This was my first try at hand quilting and it was fun. The one thing I really enjoyed about it was all the conversation that went on. Now I totally understand why past generations of women all got together to quilt. It makes a tedious chore go by quickly. The only difference between what we did and the women of the past, (well besides the air conditioned building, and a bunch of other stuff...) Is how one lady had to keep checking her facebook page and telling us all about what was going on there... Wouldn't those pioneers be SHOCKED?
Now here comes the kicker I was the youngest lady there, then my mom who is fifty...all the other women were older then mom by at least ten years is not twenty to thirty...now that's funny, they having to check their FB page! Or I think so. Makes me wonder what does the future hold facebook wise and quilting wise?
I wonder which will phase out first.
I put my money on facebook.
What do you think?
Me, a facebooking quilting kinda girl...or at least when I'm on break from being mom...is that possible?

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!! I love this post! My mom is an avid quilter. She is a part of two different quilt guilds, as far as I know they never get together and do hand quilting this way! I completely agree that being a housewife is awesome, and one of my biggest goals is to be able to manage the house well now, so when I do have kids it won't be quite as difficult!


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