Friday, June 17, 2011

Animal Terminology

Hey everyone, today we'll learn farmer terminology when it comes to animals, for even though I grew up knowing this lingo (I thought it was common knowledge) it wasn't until I was in college in my animal science class that I learned that in fact we as farmers do have a unique terminology. So without further ado...Farmer Animal Lingo.

Ram or Buck: a male sheep
Wether: a neutered male sheep
Ewe: a female sheep
Lamb: a baby sheep
Flock or herd: a group of sheep

Rooster: a male chicken
Hen: a female chicken
Chick: a baby chicken
Flock: a group of chicken

Buck: a male rabbit
Doe: a female rabbit
Bunnies or kits: baby rabbits
Nest: a family of rabbits

Bull: a male calf
Steer: a neutered male calf
Heifer: a female calf
Cow: a heifer who has had a calf/calves
Calf: a baby cow
Herd or drove: a group of cows
Cattle: another term for cows

Boar: a male pig
Sow: a female pig
Git: a female pig who hasn't furrowed yet
Furrowed: had babies
Barrow: a neutered male
Piglets: baby pigs
Herd or drove: a group of pigs

Buck or billy: a male goat
Wether: a neutered male goat
Doe or nanny: a female goat
Kids: baby goats
Herd: a group of goats

Tom: male cat
Queen: female cat
Kitten: baby cat
Kindle: a group of kittens
Clowder: a group of cats

Males and females don't have special names
Babies are called crias

Stud or stallion: male horse
Mare: female horse
Foals: baby horses
Colt: what a male colt is called for the first two years of life
Filly: what a female foal is called first two years
Gelding: a neutered male

Drake: a male duck
Duck: a female duck
Ducklings: baby ducks
Flock: a family of ducks

Dog: a male dog
Bitch: a female dog
Puppy: a baby dog
Litter: a group of puppies
Pack: a group of dogs

Jack: a male donkey
Jenny: a female donkey
Foal: a baby donkey
Herd: a group of donkeies

Did you learn something new? Now you'll understand what that old farmer down the road means when he says " my jenny is in trouble she's supposed to be with my ewe flock but some how she's gotten in with the rams and my bitch doesn't care for it." Yep he is not talking about his wife or mistress.

Have a fun filled day!

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  1. your so funny! I love it! thanks for being sweet over on kreacher's :)


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