Friday, June 3, 2011

Bummer Lambs

Bummer Lambs.
Poor little lambs that can't be raised by their mother for one reason or another.
Example: Mom is dead by birth complications or predator attack.
Example: Mom doesn't have enough milk to raise them.
Crazy to think that sheep usually have twins or triplets, and not uncommon quads, therefore, sometimes not enough milk to go around.
Therefore it falls upon us caretakers of the animals to make sure these little lambs get their food and nourishment.
Best solution is to find a surrogate mother for the little lamb.
Another ewe who has lost a lamb is the very best substitute.
New lambs can be easily grafted onto the new mother ewe and within a few days, the lamb will officially be claimed by her.

Another good surrogate mother is a nanny goat.
They easily accept lambs and let them nurse.
Many farmers/ranchers have a few nanny goats for this very purpose.
They kid out their goats about two months before the ewes lamb out.
This means that when there are bum lambs, the kids are big enough to wean from their mothers and the lambs placed on the goat in place of the kid.
Can you see in this herd of goats there are two lambs, I've written lamb on them in red.
Okay so you probably can't see it...but can you pick out the lambs?
Anyways, the lambs are just a part of the herd.

Another greatly used option of feeding and raising bum lambs.
Bottle feeding them.
This is probably the funnest and best chore for little kids.
But really if there is nothing like having a pen of bum lambs right outside your house waiting to be fed or played with.
Truly its the best summertime activity out there for children.
OH and guess what.
There's bum calves too.
They can be bottle fed too.
They are a lot more sloppy eaters though and can kind of take over young children.

Older children though can handle them.
My favorite solution for bum calves.
The milk cow.
Seriously, makes milking her so much easier for then you don't!
Hope you've enjoyed learning about bum lambs and calves and how they are raised.
Can't wait till next week for another Fun Farm Fact Friday!
Well maybe I should call it Farm Tour Friday oh well!

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  1. Aw! I had a bum lamb when I was a kid! His name was Number 9. Yeah, he had a 9 on his back. Took me a long time to realize he didn't run away!

    I love these posts!!


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