Thursday, May 27, 2010

Turning Two

I call this quilt 'Turning Two', it is The Princess's who just turned two a couple of weeks ago. It is a turning twenty pattern so a mixture of the two creates 'Turning Two'. I adapted the pattern to fit a twin size bed instead of a full or queen. I choose all the bright colors cause they reminded me of how my daughter is and acts so bright and full of life. They also matched the curtains wonderfully. I have my other daughters quilt that will be similar to this one with the same color scheme cut out but it will be awhile before it is sewn, especially since it will be a year or so before she needs it.
I didn't caculate quite right and was short for the backing so I just added some patches to the back, I think it looks neat and it adds character.
This is the quilting I did on, there is also some smaller flowers in the quilt but the photos didn't take. I did all this quilting again on my machine. I loved the way this quilt turned out and The Princess loves it too!


  1. I love this "Turning Two"! I like how your blog is coming along; keep the great posts coming! Mind if I follow along? :)


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