Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday time!

Man this week has been birthday week, (which reminds me I need to get Koda's gift done, his bday is two weeks away ahh!)! Sunday was Daisy's birthday she is now offically two!!! And she is showing her age for the fits have gotten much much more dramatic!

This is the cake I made her. My mom always made our cakes growing up and I've begun doing that (all though I thought my mom should just do it she's much better then me). Well this cake has quite the story. I grabbed a cake mix out of the cupboard it said white and I thought good to go. So I started mixing it up and it kept expanding and expanding, well I mixed up an angel food cake :0 woops, so I was like lets give it a go. Well it turned out pretty good I think and it actually got ate :)

More Birthday Pics!

We had a big family dinner since we also celebrated my Grandma Laura's birthday (Daisy's is the day after hers) It was lots of fun and I got to see my sister for a bit SO NICE!
And guess what I'm doing today.....

...Yep so excited! Hope all is well your way!

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