Thursday, May 27, 2010

Davis 3rd BOM

I was asked to teach a quilting class for the Relief Society almost two years ago. My mentor told me to do a Block of the month quilt and do a different block each month so thats what we did. The first block is in the upper left corner and then the order goes right and down just like reading a book. We started this in Aug 2009 and finished Sept 2010 (skipping Dec). As you can tell from the blocks we went from simple piecing to more advanced piecing. I just did a throw size quilt wereas some did bigger ones by making more blocks.
I learned a couple things from this experience of mine.
1. Do a smaller project for beginners
2. Do a MUCH simpler project
This project also held a couple of firsts for me.
1. 1st teaching experience all on my own
2. 1st time ever using a fat quarter bundle
But I am happy to report that out of the 10 ladies that started this project:
1-completed a king size quilt
1-completed two twin size quilts (she only went half way)
1- completed all the blocks (I'm sure she finished the quilt but I never seen the result)
2- have the first six done
5- have at least the first block done
Ok so not roaring success but like I said it was a huge learning experience for me and I know how to do it better with much better results next time.

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  1. I love it! I have always wanted to do one of these!


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