Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farm Life

(After a good day of dockin')
Yesterday I went to the eye doc and he was asking how life is yada-yada, so I told him about our farm and it was just little, but very happy I could be living on one (which I'm SOOOOO grateful for) and he told me, "there is just something special about growing up on a farm, it makes kids so much more responsible and willing to work..." Now I've always believed this, but then I figured maybe I was biased seeing how thats how I was raised. Anywho so he proceeds to tell me "...My kids are lazy, they just sit on their big bums and do nothing, you ask them to put the silverware up and you'd think you'd cut their hand off with all the complaining that goes on..." I found that FUNNY! I mean silverware, come on, they would never last if every morning they had to go change handlines, now thats something to complain about, except it has to be done, so complaining just wastes time.
(Ty & his fav mode of transportation)
So I had to tell him about my brother Ty (who he knows). This past school year Ty's been up at college and it has been tough for him. Not the classes he loved those, but the living in the city and having so much idle time on his hands. He came home almost every other weekend that first sememster. So Ty tells us that when he is driving past a field of hay, or a pasture of cows, he wanted to go so bad and ask the farmer if he could move the water, or help feed the cows, or build fence, anything, he just wanted to find something to do. We all laughed because most kids who head off to college, can't wait to have to do nothing at all and have idle time on their hands, well I guess not if your a farmer through and through, you want your day jammed pack full of stuff to do.
(Farm kids know how to have fun)
I loved growing up on a ranch, I love being able to raise my children here on our farm. It will teach them responsiblilty at a young age which will help them face the future for all their years to come. I'm sorry but I do think this is the best way to be raised...but then again I am biased. :)

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