Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Motherhood Thoughts

Next week I turn 23. You'd think I'd remember that number. Except I can't for some reason I keep thinking I'm turning 21. So this mental reminder that reminds me i'm really two years older than I think I am takes me back to yester-year. Two years ago when I was turning the big two-one I was kidless (although very prego), finishing finals and graduating with my bachelors, living in Logan, and had no clue my life would be where it is today.

Nowadays my days start about seven and go till ten thirty (some days later). The inbetween is filled with chaos some days and some orderly chaos other days. I have a very active strong-willed two year old that thank heavens still takes a nap most days. My four month old is growing up before my eyes, can't believe she's that old now. My husband is a great husband and provides for his girls wonderfully. He does work long hours, long days, long months, but he has a job and thats something to be grateful for. I still have a daily planner but it is no longer filled with test or paper due dates, but with doctor appointments, dinner menus, grocery lists, chores, and playdates.

It use to not matter when I went grocery shopping, morning, noon, or night. But now I know the best day to go is Monday through Wednesday, at ten o'clock in the morning. It is just you and the senior citzens, along with some other mothers and their small frys. There are hardly any lines and the stores aren't crowded. The trick is getting out the door in time to get there. :) Same goes for Doctor appointments. Its also funny how a trip to the grocery store with your hunny feels so nice, its like a date.

I used to have to leave my house only five mins before church started and I'd be there ontime and in my seat. Now I have to plan on leaving thirty mins before, so I can for sure be out the door twenty mins before, in order to get there on time.

I went from having to do laundry only every two weeks to having to have it done at least once every week if not twice.

I've come to relish the time when my girls are asleep naptime or bedtime and just relax. You can't get any relaxation time any other way.

I once upon a time could tell you the latest country hit or newest movie to hit theatres, but now, I honestly have no idea, although I can sing all the songs from Cinderella through to Winnie the Pooh now from memory.

Motherhood changes you thats no doubt. But if I had to choose between my life two years ago and my life today. The crazy chaotic life I have today is defintaly the one I would choose. I was meant to be a mom, I knew it from the moment I seen my baby girl for the first time. It is hard. It is trying. And most certainly a headache somedays, but when your child smiles at you or laughs, it erases all the negative things and makes you just happy that you have such a sweet child that loves you unconditional.

Motherhood is the greatest calling on this earth as well as the toughest.

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