Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

(Quayle and I 2yr old b-day)
Hello Hello! Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and I do feel older since I still feel like I should only be 21 :), but then I look at my dad and 23 years ago he was 32 and my momma was 26 and look at me a mom of two at 23 wow!

(Ahhh! Daisy Jumping On Tramp)
All in all it was an okay day. It started out at midnight when Page woke up to wish me a happy b-day, haha right, she wasn't feeling good, kept eating and eating and walking the floor, finally after an hour and half of this I almost made her a bottle thinking I didn't have any more milk for some reason and she was starving but first I went and clean her nose out gave her some meds, which she proceeded to throw up ten mins later, along with a bunch of milk. Then she cried some more and fell back asleep, so back to bed I went.

Slept through Koda getting up at four (thank heavens) but I was awoken again at five to feed Page, this time she ate and went right back to sleep. But low and behold one hour later at the grand hour of six, Daisy woke up and was ready to start the day! I just wanted some sleep I was really feeling it now, so I got up got her some cereal and milk, and started a show for her, then laid back down for only ten mins before she was back in bugging me, so I just got up.

(two year old photo? what do you think?)

The rest of the day I spent at my moms doing laundry, baking bread, and fixing lasagna for dinner. When Ty and Carson got back at four, Ty took Daisy outside with him, So it was nice to be able to get things done quicker without the little helper, although when I went to get her from him to take her home she grabbed onto his leg and started wailing. Well to say the least I got her strapped in the car seat and headed home. We ate dinner and then waited for Koda's mom and my family to come over to eat cake and ice cream and open gifts. I got a couple of books:

Confessions of a Completely Insane Mother by Kersten Campbell (this is hilarious!) and Turning Hearts by Deanne Blackhurst. My siblings gave me a great card and the movie Black Dog (which is a fav of mine) and my parents gave me some shirts and capris (which is something I really needed I was running out of shirts). Koda tells me that I have to wait for his days off to get my gift from him, so come thursday (hopefully) I'll find out what that is. The greatest gift of all though, both girls slept through the night (Page only waking up to eat) and till seven! So I actually got some sleep :).

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