Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mud Bath Time!

OH this girl of mine, could easily win the dirtest child contest hands down. This was Thursday, after we got home from our insurance shopping (which I still don't have any results ugh!) Luckily I was able to get her out of her clothes when she just had her hands and feet muddy. She had a blast though as you can see, and I remember well how good it felt on a hot day to play in the mud.

Then we come to Friday, we went to my moms house to visit her. Daisy found the grease can under the barbequer and procceeded to get it all over her not just once but twice. Thank heavens my mom has some heavy duty grease soap to get that stuff off her, cause I really don't know how else we would've gotten it off.
Now skip Saturday, we were able to keep clean (except for the candy drool from all the candy at the parade) for the most part.

(Page and Meagan)
Sunday we went to church, I taught my lesson, Daisy did really good in Nursery. Afterwards we headed back out to the ranch to see my family (Janessa and Meagan were there too) and thats was lots of fun to see them and talk to everyone. I even gave Ty and Carson a ride up to the Semi in Jensen for them to drive home, and I was let in on a wonderful secret and was asked for so advice, but I promised not to tell. :) Anyways we got home and Daisy went straight to the mud puddle and hopped in. I was able to get her clothes off in time again, but she once again looked like a mud monster. The thing that makes me laugh, is how she loves to play and get dirty dirty, but then when its time to clean up and come in she hates being washed off, even if she's been playing in the same water.

Well Monday we went and helped set up the Little Red Barn for the Uintah County Fair that goes this week. She got all covered in sand, straw, and corn dust. Ha the life of a farm girl who isn't afraid of getting dirty.

Another note, a couple of months ago I decided to make this blog private and do a seperate public one for my quilting and sewing stuff. Now I'm thinking of just going back to this one and making it public again. Its kinda hard keeping up with two blogs. What's your thoughts?


  1. Well, I curious now about the secret....lol :) Daisy sure is cute! What is the Red Barn? I looked in the paper and I'm trying to decide on what activities to go to during the fair.

  2. Daisy is so cute! I love that you don't mind and let her have fun!
    I always hate when people make their blogs private-if I don't have an invite! :)


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