Thursday, July 22, 2010


Oh man have I had a day! I've been going to get quotes from all these different insurance places just to find out if I can get something lower etc. We've been insured through Farm Bureau and I knew they was on the high end of the spectrum but wow, what I have learned.

First off I am a Farm Bureau member and I believe the organization is wonderful and does a lot of good to help protect our agriculture needs. But the insurance is RIDICULOUS!!!!

Finally today I went to five different places to get quotes, only two gave me automatic quotes on my trucks and one place for everything. They all had to sit back a momement and think about it since we have a farm and mobile home (guess its unique) so most said they'd call me, since they have to have someone higher up do the farm stuff.

Well just from the two places that gave me info on my truck insurance I can save $1,000 a year! (actually a bit more but about that). I was flabbergasted! The place that quoted me the farm and house insurance already was still competive but was still $60 less then FB. I'm shocked, so we'll see how the other places compare, but one thing is for sure I'm changing companies, I have to save money where ever I can.

I've told my dad about the difference and hopefully he can help get FB insurance more competitive (he's on UT State board of dirctores so he can hopefully get the ball rolling) and maybe one day we'll go back.


  1. So, did you find a plance to go with? I don't own a farm so, I'm not sure how farm insurance works. I believe my parents go through All State. I think they're pretty good. For my house and car insurance we go through Perry Insurance (Progressive), but we've been thinking about switching. I've always enjoyed working with Perry insurance, but our payment seems a bit pricey.

  2. I'm still waiting for the other places to call me back right now. But so far the forerunner is American Family. They were very polite when I went in, I was quoted right away and its been the cheapest quote so far.

    I know my Uncle goes about every three years and gets new quotes for all the house and farm and goes with the cheapest and he's been staying with Perry Insurance. So we'll see.


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