Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th and a blessing somwhere along the way

Well this past weekend was a fun weekend as well has an interesting one.

Friday started things off, it was payday which equates into bill day and shopping day. BLAH! Shopping with two children is an experience (and I'm sure it gets even more interesting the more kids you add to the mix). So I went grocery shopping and household shopping aka diaper shopping. I also was able to purchase siding to go around the bottom of our house, but the nice lady didn't give me the 10% off so that was something I had to go take care of today.

Saturday I cleaned house and then headed out to the ranch and had dutch oven lunch with my family. My sista came out and it was great to see her.

Sunday I woke up got the girls and I both ready for church then at ten forty loaded them up and started to leave, when I was like something is not right. Sure enough I had a flat tire. Well everyone else that I knew to call all had church from 9-12 so I waited around till 12 then began calling people NOBODY would answer so I decided to load my girls up on the 4-wheeler, strapped my diaper bag on the back and drove up to Grandma Southams house. I'm sure we made quite the site to see. We borrowed her car and drove to church got there about 12:30 singing time in Primary. So I take Daisy to nursery and I stood outside the door for a bit it was SOOO quiet. I opened the door and there was just the one nursery leader in there with her granddaughter. Daisy was the ONLY nursery age child there. So odd. Well Daisy only likes the menfolk in nursery seriously she screams bloody murder if they aren't in there. So I take her with me to primary. To make a long story short I ended up sitting in Nursery with my two girls (they wouldn't behave for anybody! or for me!) till closing excersises in primary went to that, got in the car and drove back. I know I didn't get anything out of going to church since I just sat in nursery, but I suppose theres a blessing in there somewhere.

Monday I cleaned our camper for a guy was going to buy it. Last night found out he wasn't going to buy it after all. So If you want a camper we have one for sale and its cleaned out!

Tuesday (today) I went and got my flat fixed (couldn't yesterday Utah celebrated the 4th then) went to Lowes and got my 10% off my siding, stopped into get my window resealed and that has to be done tommorrow morning so lucky me I get to go back up town again tommorrow and the day after that I get to go help Grandma Liebhardt...Oh the joys of grownup hood.

But I have found some new interesting thoughts to think about
1. Afro-American Engineered...(think about it)
2. Without faith they are just two sticks tied together...worth thinking about sure I'll have a post on it sometime soon.

As for the rest of today I'm off to do some laundry and work on some quilts. Have a good day! And I'm so gratful to live in the land of the free!

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  1. Do you have a calling in Primary? Did you see the fireworks? It sounds like you are one busy lady! I love reading your blog so keep posting and you most certainly need to post about your things to think about, because I don't know what to think about them. :)


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