Friday, July 9, 2010

A Favorite...

So I realized today that I haven't shared an actual quilt for a while so I looked through my pics and here is a post about a favorite quilt of mine. The Monticello Log Cabin Pattern. I haven't named this quilt, I don't know what to name it, so if you have an suggestions let me know them!
This quilt is one that I did in high school, in fact if I'm remembering correctly It was my second one I did or it might've been the third, IDK, Anyways I know it took a semester and a half to complete it from cutting to binding. I also did a lot of fancy quilting on it and each block has a design and the borders all have different designs. You can kinda see the quilting in the pic below.

The piecing itself took FOREVER! I didn't chain piece it, but strip by strip, so each strip was pre-cut then sewn all individualy. One this is for sure now, I know how to do it much quicker now! Another interesting tidbit, your suppose to base your quilt around the corner triangle piece fabric, but when I bought my material I didn't find anything and so I bought the blues and pinks sewed the block, then when it came time to put the corner triangle in I went and found my fabric. I think it turned out wonderful.

I think it turned out wonderful and I just wish I had a wall or a guest bedroom that I could display it on. I don't dare put it on my bed with the little children I have and you know what they say about children, "when you have children everything will eventually end up with puke, blook, or poop on it." So for now this quilt is in storage. *sniffle*


  1. Wow! I can't believe you did that in high school. I don't have an name suggestions but wanted to pop in and say it is beautiful! -Paige from Sew Bee Wonky!


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