Thursday, July 29, 2010

Menu Planning

So back in October I started making dinner menus for two weeks at a time. Most weeks I do great at following that menu and it has helped lots in the grocery shopping department and the saving money department. Back in April I bought this book, What's for Dinner? by Jana Shonfield.

It has 30 weeks of menus. These menus include everything for a well balanced dinner, main dish, side dish, vegtables, salad, and dessert. I do not make everything! We won't eat it. I usually do just the main dish, side dish and veggies. We aren't big dessert eaters, so that hardley gets made but the recipes look great. They are easy recipes to follow and everything is made from scratch. I sorta follow it, as I still add in my own recipes that we enjoy.
So I have dinner covered, but as I was thinking last night, I should totally make a menu for my breakfast and lunch. Its so hard though knowing what to do, since Koda is a slave to his job and has absoulutly no schedule and it leaves me and the girls eating something. But I got to thinking I could still plan a menu, just make sure its something he can take with him, he usually can take the leftovers, but he needs other stuff. He is at work from 4am to 7pm, so thats breakfast, brunch, lunch, and a snack. If I was able to make a menu and be able to come up with stuff from scratch it would cut our grocery bill down some more. The stuff he takes for lunch is the expensive part, cause he needs something to eat, and its way to expensive to get stuff from 7-11 or Maverick every morning.
So I need some help know of any good things to cook for breakfast that can be ate cold and made from scratch (muffins is all I can think of), or some breakfast type cookbooks? I also would like to know what do you send or take with you for lunch? I'm at a lost at what to do. And remember he has to be able to eat it quickly somedays, so simple is what I'm looking for, and he doesn't always have a way to heat stuff up, although he mostly does.


  1. Marlynn,
    Justin is the same way so we face almost identical problems and I have been planning my meals like you have. It is so great to know what I’m cooking in advance so I don’t have to worry about it. Breakfasts for Justin have consisted of: Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Bagels, Yogurt, Hard Boiled Eggs, Banana-Nut Bread or Zucchini Bread. We also make Breakfast burritos- I don’t know if he could choke a cold one down, but Justin loves them. We just mix all sorts of breakfast things together: Scrambles Eggs, Sausage, Hashbrowns, Sometimes Bacon Bitz or even Canned chicken that we’ve fried (so it’s not so slimy) and he’ll add jalapeno’s or tomatoes and we wrap it up in our tortillas and wrap that in tinfoil, so he can even heat it up on his dash if he wants. Hope that helps a little…

  2. I was going to suggest the breakfast burritos. Also I don't know if he is down with a smoothie but they are great too. Also my mom would do a scrambled egg sandwich for my dad all the time when he was out cutting hay or other farm stuff and couldn't get back for breakfast.


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