Monday, March 28, 2011

Total chaos...

...running through my mind.

Like do I go and wash laundry at the place I don't care too, since my regular place is flu infested? Or do it tommorrow and clean house today?

I am happy I've gotten lots of sewing done the past week. And I feel ready to finish some more.

I'm getting excited to meet this little girl of ours. We still don't know what to name her. I guess I have about five weeks...maybe.

Made some changes to my house. Like hung the hall curtain. Painted a border strip in the girls room...still needs the finishing touches. Carson put together my computer desk yesterday.

I need to start dragging the baby stuff back out...really don't want to.

Should get a hospital bag ready...procrastinating there too.

We all have colds fun at all.

But our first calf of the year is here.

And they've dug to hook our water connection up.

Page is becoming quite the talker with the words; hot, shoe, out, milk, bottle, dad, moo, and whatsthat, entering her vocabulary.

Daisy is becoming much more understandable and reasonable too.

They are growing up.

Started weaning miss Daisy off the sippy cup, so I can start potty training her. Hopefully I can get some kind of running water in the house before we undertake the chore. And hopefully it works this time.

What else is fun? Page is getting her four last teeth, well until 2 yr old molars. She is so clingy and whiny.

So what your thoughts? Like my random pictures? Oh wait they didn't upload. Sorry. Maybe next time! Have a great Monday!!

1 comment:

  1. laundry is a chore no matter where it is done at! congrats on the water, no sippy and talking babes. jack is still grunting away, saying na-night only when tired. it might make me a bad mom, but i like it. i can convince myself he isn't growing up :)


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