Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts

I need to get some pictures uploaded on my computer.
It's a Tuesday, Cleaning Day in other words.
I'm wanting to decorate, decorate, decorate, but no idea what to do or where to start.
I have finally decided on what border print I'm doing in the girls room.
Now I need to decide on colors. Time to go shopping!!
Finally going to just order some curtains for my living room.
Tired of having none and I can't find any material that I just LOVE to make some.
I'm also wanting to dejunk my house, not that I have that much junk.
I have a bunch of material and material scraps that I would like to get rid of...don't know how to though.
Also thinking about getting rid of some books that I don't just LOVE.
Need to make room for more books that I do LOVE!
Really want to organinze and dejunk my storage unit, but I really think thats a summer project.
Probably going to have a garage sale this summer.
I need to.
Feeling the need to start dragging the baby stuff back into the house.
I'm going to hold off.
I don't need all that extra stuff just yet, I still have six weeks.
Wanting to make some spring dresses for my girls.
Not sure what pattern or material to use.
Got some baby gifts and things that need done first though.
MIL wants my family in browns for family picture in May.
I'm tired of brown, I want something springy.
Got a new book yesterday, its cute so far.
Guess I should go mop now and get off the computer.
Hope you have a good Tuesday.

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