Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1

Sorry, I really don't have many pictures of me, I'm behind the camera, its not like I try and avoid pictures.

15 Facts
1. Love the color green.
2. My puppies name is Puppy or Pup...honestly can't find a name for him.
3. I hate dust.
4. I HATE mud.
5. I love chocolate.
6. Currently addicted to Sudoku.
7. I really want the Beast's library from 'Beauty and the Beast'.
8. I cook in only in cast iron...for the most part.
9. I'm a way relaxed mom.
10. I've gotten a MAN for a husband.
11. I have the cutest girls ever. (Call me biased I don't care!)
12. I have specific days of the week lined out for certain household chores.
13. I plan a menu and shop for two weeks at a time.
14. Love the TV show Greek from ABCfamily.
15. I have 15 WIPs (works in progress) quilts...I think.


  1. Sounds like we could be fast friends :) I think it's fantastic that you have so much land & farm it yourselves. I would love to do that. So happy you visited & now we are connected!

  2. bah! I cant believe how much we are a like. Other than my dog has a name, i don't watch tv and I have the cutest boy in the world. Definitely no argument on the library (gasp!), the cast iron or chocolate. :)


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