Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year Upon Us

Isn't it amazing that it is now 2011. The past year has just flown by. But I guess thats a common sign of growing older. Of course the first of the new year is filled with resoulutions and goals for the following year. So of course I've been thinking of what goals I want to set for the new year.

  • Get City water to our house. It's only going to cost ten grand....
  • Daisy Potty Trained
  • A healthy baby smoothly entering our household.
  • School loans Paid off
  • Some unfinished quilts finished.
Anyways. I had quite the new years suprise...frozen water pipes...if you've never had them, don't ever wish for them. Lucky for me I grew up with this always happening, so really its nothing new. But it seems we have one thing right after another. For its not frozen pipes...its a frozen water softener. We have to have the softener or else we have really hard, dirty water, but no need to worry about that, with one of the pipes busted and spraying water every where in the pump house, so we have the pump shut off, and absoulutly no water running to our house now. Oh and did I mention that Koda just barely went back to work before this all happened?? Of course isn't that how trials work? Oh and because we need more problems, we have to buy two new batteries and a block heater for Koda's truck. Our cows are all over the place and won't stay put. The cows have also ate my dogs nice warm housing areas, so the poor things are making do under the porch, untill I can get them moved to the stack yard, where so far the cows haven't gotten. 

And whats the postive note in all this? At least it is happening in January instead of November like it usually does. Oh and we are all healthy and happy here in our home. Just take a look at my cuties on New Years Day.

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