Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Review Time!!

The One That I Want

What if you woke up one day to all your dreams coming true...but those dreams were more like nightmares?

Tilly Farmer is thirty-two years old and has the perfect life she always dreamed of: married to her high school sweetheart, working as a school guidance counselor, trying for a baby. Perfect.

But one sweltering afternoon at the local fair, everything changes. Tilly wanders into a fortune teller's tent and meets an old childhood friend, who offers her more than just a reading. "I'm giving you the gift of clarity," her friend says. "It's what I always thought you needed." And soon enough, Tilly starts seeing things: her alcoholic father relapsing, staggering out of a bar with his car keys in hand; her husband uprooting their happy, stable life, a packed U-Haul in their driveway. And even more disturbing, these visions start coming true. Suddenly Tilly's perfect life, so meticulously mapped out, seems to be crumbling around her. And as she furiously races to keep up with - and hopefully change - her destiny, she faces the question: Which life does she want? The one she's carefully nursed for decades, or the one she never considered possible?

What if you could see into the future? Would you want to know what fate has in store?

Today I finished reading a book that has been on my to read list for a while. The One That I Want, by Allison Winn Scotch. This book was a good read although I will warn you, it is a bit wordly in its language, as in if you hang out with only toddlers most of your day...the use of the "F" and the "GD" word will be shocking to you.

This story though is very thought provoking and is all about is the life you choose really the life that you wanted? Is it really the life that will bring you the most happiness? And also the age old question of what is happiness. I really thought she did a good job of showing how if we get stuck in the same cycle over and over again how its hard to get out...maybe even a little scary, the older we get. It also shows how if we don't work on our relationships and keep maturing them they will also fall apart and we will drift away from those who we were in the relationship with. This is shown with the characters relationship with her husband, sister, friend, and father.

I did feel that the character, Tilly, was self-centered and was only focused on what she wanted and how she wanted life to go at the very first, but she makes a transition and changes her outlook on life and realizes that there is so much more to life then she thought. She also seems to gain more of a backbone throughout the book and stops being a doormat for people to walk on and use.

I would recomend this book to read for it brings a fresh perspective and thought process to mind. Are you happy with what you chose...would you change it? Like I said, some of the language is all I really had a problem with.

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