Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mode of Transportation

Right now my mode of transportation that has been with me faithfully for the past four years is, yes, sadley in the body shop, getting its backend fixed. (That just sounds funny! At least its not getting a breast enlargement!) So since this is all being done through the insurance, since I had to fix the other ladies car as well and we have full coverage, my insurance pays for a rental car for me to drive while mine's in the shop. Which is nice.

Well after a few hiccups today, I've finally got my rental...and it was the only one he had in due to a cancled flight and people keeping their cars...and well its a bit small compared to ANYTHING I've ever driven for a great amount of time, really. Its little, blue, and compact. Oh but it has four doors, really... I needed four wheel drive. So I'll be praying for NO SNOW untill I get my truck back. I can go and upgrade, when he gets something bigger in...but I really don't know if I want to go through the hastle.

Well hopefully my truck is not in the shop long, I seen it did go into today! Because I miss it. True, I have to watch for the 'Wait to Start' light, let it warm up, fuel up with expensive diesel...but frankly I like it. Its big, its bad, and its totally mine.

So landing on a hopeful note of no more snow (until 4x4 drive reenters my life) and a quick repair to the truck. So I had some pictures for you...but it being late in the day my internet is not working at top speed. So this is another wordfilled post. But just so you know...Page is a walking girl, she's been walking for quite a while, but now is actually wanting to depend upon it for her mode of

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  1. Because of a big winter storm I had to drive a rental while my car was in the shop. Sadly our insurance didn't cover for a rental! It's just different driving a vehecle that isn't yours, the one you're use to! Good luck hope it gets fixed soon.


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