Thursday, January 13, 2011

One step forward...

...two steps back. Oh man is that how life is going right now in our household. In December we made a major leap forward and was able to pay our tractor off with the first payment due...SOOO nice. Then as you know New Years Day came with a suprise and frozen pipes...but no it doesn't stop there. Our well is done for as in D-O-N-E!!!! Ugh. We was thinking that we could wait until this spring to get on the water connection list and then about June get city water ran down to us.

Like I said before its going to be a pretty penny just to connect is...$3,400....yuck. Plus we have to trench and run the water about 8/10's of a mile...expensive. Well now that our well is no longer working at maximum efficiency...actually not even at minumin efficiency...we have to super speed our plans. So we go to get the paper work and find out how much exactly we need, and find out it will won't be till like March before they can actually dig for the connection. Go figure, its the middle of winter and the ground is frozen solid. It doesn't matter, we have to pay the money to get on the list.

Luckily we have a super emergency fund for emergencies, although I really don't want to consider this an emergency, but really it is. So it looks like we will use that to get on the list and then we will be saving like madmen, Koda will be working like a madman, and I'll be budgeting like a madwoman. In the meantime till March comes around, we'll be showering at unsuspecting peoples places...hehe you might be next...and I'll pack water down to wash dishes in and pack laundry out to clean. Our well produces enough water for us to use the toilet and wash our hands...but thats it.

Oh ya and to top this off...Sunday had a little accident when I pulled into the church parking lot...ya get to fix her vehicle! Oh well we will go forward and get through these trials. Hey we are all healthy and our house is warm!

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