Saturday, January 29, 2011

Farmers = No Food

Every year since I was fifteen, my parents have actually gone on a vacation!!! Amazing I know it!! This vacation always at the first of January to the American Farm Bureau's Convention. They've been all over this nation and got to tour some neet places, plus go to a convention that is right with what they believe and support one hundred percent. This past year they flew to Alanta and what happened to them??? The city shut down because it snowed. Haha I know it...Well they were able to still do the convention and tour a place or two before the snow hit. They thought they was going to be stuck there till Thursday at the earliest (they were scheduled to fly home Tuesday morning.) Well it worked out that they did leave Tuesday morning thanks to a miracle...(different story). Back to my orignal thought, so yesterday on the Farm Bureau blog was a post about that snow day and how he wishes that there were a few congress members and EPA people there to see first hand what they will cause if American kicks their farmers out. Please Check it out.

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