Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some New Acceptances

So since I'm dealing with a limited (clean) water supply, I've had to find something different to clean and mop the house up. I'm sorry there is NO way I could handle going three months with dirty floors and counter tops. So off to some creative thinking.

First off for the counter tops is Chlorox Cleaning Wipes. They do the job and they are supposed to disinfect as well. Not as good as what I normally use, but they do get the job done. My sister loves them, but its becasue her roommate has cats that like counter tops, yucky!

Second is the swifter sweeper. My roommate had one of these in college. I didn't like it at all and my mother in law has one too...still don't like it. But I've accepted that this is the way I'm going to be cleaning floors, so I might as well do it. First off I think I must have a different style then my roommate and mother in law, cause I like it better. It's pretty much just a wet wipe, on a mop, if you stay on top of things it will do the job. Now tough jobs, who knows. The other thing I think it would be good for, is when your something spills on your floor and it's a bit bigger of a job then a paper towel or rag could handle, this would clean it up.

1 comment:

  1. Quilt batting works just as well as the dry Swiffer cloths, I recently learned. I'm going to use some scraps to clean my blinds today.


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