Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning

You know I have many friends and family members that always say or something similar "If your coming over to my house your coming to see me, not my house, so it shouldn't matter what condition my house is in." That is true, if your going to go see someone it should be for them and not to judge the state of their house. I would have to argue though that a clean house equals a happy you which equals a happier and more comfortable visit from the friend, Right? The key to a clean house is all in the daily mudane chores that go on. Sweeping the floor, Ceaning the dishes, Making the bed, Not wearing shoes in the house, Picking up the toys, etc. I will admit I'm no where near perfect, I mean I do live in only 840 square feet right now and that little of space can get cluttered and messy in a hurry. But by doing the little things once a day, as well as cleaning/mopping the kitchen and bathrooms once a week, vaccuming and dusting at least twice a week helps when the heavy cleaning comes up, its not so heavy then, just a mild case of cleaning.
I'm grateful, that I'm starting out small to develop my cleaning skills so by the time I have a bigger home, it will be no big deal, plus I'll have older children then to teach the skills to. Thats something I'm very grateful for, my mom and her making us her slaves and help clean the house every weekend. None of us got out of house chores, unless we could come up with a good excuse which usually included helping dad move cows or build fence or something, which is another thing I'm grateful for, but thats for another post. I hated cleaning house as a young child and teenager but has I've grown older I've seen the lessons and value I've learned from it. Thankyou mom.
There is also a book I've read recently "The Art of Homemaking." by Daryl V Hoole. It is a great book and had some great ideas on homemaking. Although I will warn you it was wrote in 1962, so some material is defintaly dated compared to our modern generation, but basically the principles are the same. It was a great encouragement to me. One quote from the book
"Thank God for dirty dishes. They have a tale to tell; while other folks go hungry we're eating very well. With home, health, & happiness we shouldn't want to fuss, for by this stack of evidence Gods very good to us. -Dear Abby Colum"

So my friends I keep my house clean not for your benefit (although its nice right?) But for mine. It makes my life that much less stressful.

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