Thursday, April 22, 2010

Growing Up

"There is only one child in the world: Peterpan. Everyone has to grow up someday. Wendy realized this when she was two, your realizing it at twenty-two." -Rusty Cartwright from ABCfamilys Greek.

This comment comes from the only TV show that I make time to watch, which is usually on laundry day at my mom's house on her computer, since my internet is to slow to be able to watch it.

I've been mulling this comment over in my mind for a couple of weeks now, wondering, when or did I have an Ah-Ha moment about having to grow up and leave childhood behind? Was it when I left home and went to college? or when I graduated college maybe, or when I became a mother, maybe it was back in high school when I did something wrong and lost my parents trust. It could have happend when I was preparing to go to the temple to be sealed and I came close to my Savior that I realized I needed to grow up. I'm not sure if I actually had an Ah-Ha moment, but all these instances certainly have helped me to become the grownup I am today.

I realized as I mulled this over, that I have always accepted and moved onto each station of my life smoothly, never with reluctance or fear. True there was a couple of times in my teenage years that I wanted to be moved out and on my own quicker then it was coming, but I've never feared of moving on, if anything I accept it with anticipation. Maybe that means I was ready to move to that next stage of life.

I do believe that being raised the way I was and by the wonderful parents that I have, has defintaly helped me to grow up. I was given responsibilty from the time I was tiny, (feeding the chickens, dogs, gathering the eggs, graining the sheep, etc) clear through to today. Having always had responsibilty from my earlist memory has defintaly prepared me for the life of mother and wife, which I'm so grateful for.

There is other parts of my life that I realize had a big impact on who I am today, which I'm thankful for, but some of those parts I wish they didn't happen, but they probably had to in order for me to learn my lesson in life and prepare me for my future. One thing is for certain your past will always infullence your future. What are your thoughts on growing up? Did you have an Ah-Ha moment or have you accepted it from the begining of your life, such as me?

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  1. I never really had an "Ah-Ha" moment either. I think it's something we're blessed with because we grew up on farms. Each step forward is considered progress that we worked hard to earn, not 'digression'. Good thought though... I have always loved moving forward and never stopped to think about...why?


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