Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm going with a different approach to my whole blog writing and we'll see if it turns out better. Hopefully I can get into a better habit and do better at keeping everybody updated with my life.

Lately I've been busy being a momma to two girls. Miss D keeps me running from sun up to sun down and sometimes through the night. My most used phrase lately is 'D don't do that!' Oh exciting someday the discipling may take affect right? She sure keeps me wore out.

I've been busy trying to get my quilt done for K's mom and dad. I decided after all the teasing that his dad gives me about never receiving a quilt from his daughter or daughter in laws, I'd make them one (plus it gives me a good excuse to try out a new pattern). So I'm making one for them its going to be an anniversary gift...and the anniversay date passed me by, but I'm almost done, I just need to get it binded, and take a picture of it! But that will be another hurdle seeing how I've misplaced my camera or lost it or it walked away and went to another home, I don't know, so hopefully I can find it again and soon. Also talking about quilts I have a few more patterns that I want to try out so bad, but I can find the justification in doing them...blah so I guess they will have to wait and be put on hold.

My Garden is doing good, well considering I only got half of it planted the other day :) and I have to wait a bit longer to plant the rest. I've been waiting all winter to get out of this house and get my hands dirty. Same with D, only I think she is much more help then I need right now, which goes back to my most used phrase :).

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