Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hot Springs

So I've been thinking a lot lately about the basic knowledge that I grew up knowing. Like how baby animals get here, where milk comes from, the fact that it takes eleven shearers to shear 2500 sheep in two days. Most people don't even know this, which I find very interesting since I've known it my whole life. It makes me wonder what the big city kids learn has they are growing up, cause I bet you its much different then what us country bumpkins know.

Thinking of this it reminds me of a experiance I had in college. My old roomates and some people from their ward were going to head to the hot springs and invited me to come along. So I agreed I had nothing else to do, but I've never been to a hot springs, we don't have many out here in good ole Vernal, so I asked well is there a place to change or do we have to change here? They're like of course you can change there. So in my mind I'm figuring we are heading up the mountain, so some secluded hot spring, were all the kids go party at, and that there's probably an old outhouse or shed there that we can change in right.

So we head out of Logan towards Tremonton and I keep figuring we are going to turn off somewhere and head up into the hills, but no we drive through the hills, and on towards Tremonton and go to a fancy resort.

I was shocked to say the least, made me feel very small town, has you can imagine. Thank heavens one of the other boys that went with us seemed shocked too or at least he pretened to be I'm not sure. Everyone else was like shocked that I would think we would go to some random place in the middle of no-where. Haha what a great memory and eye opening experience for me at the age of nineteen!

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