Friday, July 22, 2011

A leaner cow

 I've learned something new.
You really do have to drain the grease from hamburger.
I never had growing up.
I always thought the directions where crazy when it called to drain the hamburger.
I never got grease off of it.
Until now.
This steer Koda and I've butchered is WAY my opinion.
Koda thinks I'm crazy.
So look at these pictures.
 That's a lot of grease in my way of thinking.
I guess maybe it really isn't though.
So I talk to my dad about it.
Guess what...I'm not crazy.
The meat I grew up eating was really lean.
Limousine cattle are very lean.
Angus are fatty.
That's why Angus is America's preferred meat.
It is fatty...therefore tastes the best.
Frankly I think they both taste great, if not the same.
Only difference is I have to drain the Angus meat.

So take a look at these steers. 
This black one is going to be living in my freezer this spring. 
A Full blooded Angus he is.
Now take a look at these mutts.
My dad's steers are a mix of breeds.
Longhorn, Limousine, and some Angus...mostly Limousine though. (Yes there are two Holstiens in the picture, ignore them.)

So there's your tidbit for the day.
Angus have fattier meat.
Limousine don't.
Longhorn are a lean meat too...but they take AGES to finally get to eatin age.
That's another story.
Till next time.
Eat Beef!

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  1. I love the way you write! thanks for sharing-i didn't know either!


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