Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emergency Run to the ER

This is why we visited the ER this week.
My poor little Page.
Pulled the iron onto her hand.
No fun.
Way serious burn.
Burn Center Appointment tomorrow.
Wish us good news!

Like quick healing and not as serious as we are afraid it is.


  1. That looks like it hurt! Poor little girl! Hope everything works out well!!

  2. Oh that looks so awful. Poor girl! Please keep us posted. Hope everything works out well. We'll send a prayer your way.

  3. Oh no! We had one minor burn that left a little one in tears, but NOTHING like this. Poor Page! That must hurt like crazy :( I hope and pray that everything heals well, and that she's not in too much pain. We'll be praying that the burn center appt goes well.


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