Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catchup Day.

Oh man the past three days have been busy, busy, busy.
Sunday we blessed Melody and had a potluck afterwards with family and friends.
It was lots of fun.
Even though poor Koda was going on four hours sleep, with another full night ahead of him.
Monday was the 4th of July like you all know.
We worked our cows.
Talk about what a headache that turned into.
We went to ear tag our calves and our tagger was gone.
Oh boy we looked everywhere.
A little child must of "used" it this past year and it never found its way back to its proper place.
Lucky for us IFA was open and we were able to buy another pair.
We then headed out to my mom's place and had a true-blue Chew party.
In other words, we sat around and talked, and talked, and talked and talked.
I don't think we left there till eleven thirty.
Oh and guess what, Koda was on call.
Thank heavens he didn't get called out.
He was able to sleep and got lots of rest in today.
But of course, he's back at the grind.
I'm telling you we need some days off.
Anyways, why is this post called Catchup Day.

I'm getting there.
So I'm kinda funny I guess.
I have a laundry day and a cleaning day.
I can't handle doing a little here and a little there all week long.
Drives me crazy.
So every Monday I do my laundry. (Its previously been Saturday, Thursday, Wednesday)
But Monday is what it is now.
I've liked it the most.
Well this past Monday I got a bit done.
Tuesdays are my cleaning day.
Well I got the house cleaned today and  my laundry done all today.
With a sleeping husband, two terrors, and a baby.
Like how Melody helps doing laundry?
Anywho, it is nine o'clock and I did just wrap the cord on the vacuum.
But its done.
Except folding.

This is what my couch looks like.

So I got a hot date with a movie and I'm going to be a folding tonight.
Oh ya, I also have these cuties to put to bed
Goodnight ya'll


  1. Your girls have such pretty blonde hair! The baby's hair looks like it might be darker, though?

    Love the pic of the baby in the basket...too cute! Oh, and her headband and bow that's as big as her face? Adorable! ;)

    I hope you enjoyed your laundry-folding party. I like to do a load here & there throughout the week, then fold it while Keith & I watch TV at night. For me, it would be overwhelming to look at "Mt. Washmore" and I'd probably never fold it. Funny how everyone's different about stuff like that.


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