Friday, July 22, 2011


Once upon a time I was not going to give my kids bottles.
Daisy took one when she was younger a bit if there was no other choice.
But when she weaned at a year she went straight to a sippy.
Page though at ten months weaned herself and finally took a bottle.
I was trying everything just to get her to drink some fluid.
Now she's nineteen months and still lugs the thing around.
I know... Shame on me.
Frankly though its a battle I'm not ready to pick.

Well the first of this month we were down to only four bottles.
I figured if she kept losing them, ok we'll get rid of them that way.
Well she must've figured it out.
Tonight I counted, we are back up to seven bottles.
Don't ask me how, they just showed up.
Yes...totally crazy.
Do you have things show back up that your glad to be rid of?

It's amazing what can be hidden in this little home.
I mean its only thirteen feet wide if that and maybe sixty feet long.
Hope all is well your way.
I'm doing good three kids and a husband asleep, dishes washed, floor swept, house picked up.
I'm off to read some Harry Potter and see how he fights the dragon.
...Oh ya I know...ok I'm going to read it again just because I can...


  1. It is definitely funny the way things disappear for months and randomly show up! Where do these things hide?

    It's also funny how parents claim they're never going to do certain things, and after a time, you start doing them. My first two never used a pacifier because I didn't want to break that habit. The third baby? It practically lives in her mouth! Sometimes you just have to do whatever works best when you're busy with little ones! ;)


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