Friday, July 29, 2011

Hay: A Precise Science

The art of growing good quality hay is all about preciseness.
Watering at the right time, for the correct interval.
(Flood Irrigating...12 hours a setting)
Cutting it at the right time for optimum nourishment.
(When a purple sheen can across the top of the hay can be seen.)
Ours is not quite ready another week most likely.

Letting it dry just enough so it can be baled at the right time.

And removing it from the field in a timely matter so the watering schedule is back on track.

Of course mother nature doesn't take into account that farmers may have another life besides raising hay.
Which in turn results into farmers being up at unseemly hours putting their hay up.
So when a crazy farmer heads out the door and starts his tractor up at midnight.
That is why.
The hay is at its optimum point of being cut or baled.
If hay was not put up at the the optimum point, there is many things that results from that.
Poor hay quality which equals poor nutritional value.
Which means the animals that eat the hay won't get the nourishment they need.
So when your lively hood depends upon hay.
Either for the fact that you grow it and sell it.
Or for the fact that you grow it and use it yourself.
It is important to get the hay up done at the right time.
Even if it is two in the morning.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. 2 AM. Yuck!

    I admire farmers for their commitment to get out there and work, even when it's far from convenient.

    LOVING your beautiful views in the background. It's so pretty! Indiana, even farm country, is so FLAT!


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