Monday, August 23, 2010

A missed reunuin and a family farewell

This weekend was one full weekend yet I couldn't do everything not with two girls tagging along.

I was planning on going to my five year class reunion on Saturday night. but about a week before it I found out this cousin of mine
Mr. Waylon Savage was going to be having his mission farewell Sunday morning at nine, down in Elsinore. So I had to choose. Well that was easy. I needed and wanted to go down and see Waylon and support him has he gets ready to leave on his mission. So I missed my reunion. I even thought about driving down after the reunion to Richfield but a five hour drive with two little girls, by myself, ya don''t think so.

Well the entire family, minus my dear husband who was out slaving away at work and my twin cousins who were who knows where, were all in attendance.

Yep thats the family, all of the Savage Tribe. Two People fell in love they had 5 kids, who all got married and had kids, which now total at 17 grandkids, four grandkid-in-laws, and 5 great granddaughters. I'd say thats a tribe! Wouldn't you. (We won't even start on the Chew side today, thats a even bigger clan!)

This is my Aunt Missy, but what I want you to notice is the group in the background. Yep thats my immdiete family minus my mom she's much more social then us. :) I find it funny that when we go to our Savage family reunions or get togethers we all say hi and converse with the rest of the family, but us Chews stick together and eat together, etc. Kinda funny huh? Oh and this is the only other pic taken of us besides the big family one. Haha Good at hiding huh!

And then I have to throw in the picture of Grandma and the youngest member of the tribe, Miss Page. You can see Page is wanting her momma, she's a momma's girl BIG time.

Anyways, I had a good fun weekend with my family and seeing Waylon off. I can wait another five to visit with my class. :)

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