Friday, August 13, 2010

Because of my Youth

Janessa 1yr & Me 2.5yr
So you probably don't know this and it will probably blow your socks off...
I don't like camping!
I know "What on earth!!!!"
To tell you the truth I don't think camping is very high on any of my siblings list either.
And I have to say I believe its because of our youth.
Look at where we grew up.

Chew Ranch
We love the outdoors, we worked and played outside all day long, everyday if we possibly could manage it. When we'd go to our grandparents in Richfield it was like tourtore, cause yes there was TV to watch and that was fun for like the first hour, after that
There was nothing to do in the city, nothing at all.
True it got somewhat better as we grew older, but not much.

Growing up here we were able to be outside all day long and still come back to a nice cool or warm house with a table to sit at and running water in the house (well most of the time). Therefore we didn't have to go camping to enjoy the outdoors, so it holds no appel to us.
But thats not it.
We can't stand to be idle.
Our whole lives we were taught to
work, work, work,
play, play, play,
while you work, work, work.
So camping is boring, we have to be doing something for a reason, and camping is not accomplishing anything for us.
Crazy huh.
See Koda likes to camp when he's hunting, but he's accomplishing something
He's hunting.
I really have no enjoyment in going camping while he's hunting.
Its boring.

Ty & Carson
Another thing I've found I have a hard time with.
Riding horses for recreation.
In my experience horses are primarily used for work and work only.
They are much like a tool that is needed on a ranch.
Just like a pickup or tractor.
I have the hardest time going to ride a horse just to ride.
Whats the point in it?

But I will have to say I loved my youth.
My children will hopfully grow up much the same way.
So I'm a little strange and I don't like to go camping or riding horses for no reason.
But now you know
Its because of my youth.



  1. Marlynn, I'm just like you on the riding horses for no reason. I love riding when we are herding cattle or need to get something done but just to ride to ride is hard for me. I will say I like camping though. But only if we go fishing. Then I am accomplishing something.

  2. so she a heavy drinker?? cause well she has that big Corona bucket... haha


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