Friday, August 6, 2010

Joyous Children!

Life here in our household has been a blast these last couple of days.
Koda has been off work for four days so the girls have had fun actually having a dad to interact with, and I've loved not feeling like a single parent. We are really tired of this job and the hours he works, its to much time away from the family. Anyways, our girls kept us plenty entirtained and hopping.

I went to go make my bed after breakfast, came back and my wonderful child had got syrup everywhere! All over the kitchen and all over herself. I just stood there and said, well might has well get the camera, then clean it up.

Here Daisy is ready to go change water with her dad. Isn't she just a doll in those overalls and watters??

Oh yes, she can get mad when she doesn't get her way!

Page is becoming quite mobile and can army crawl all over the place mixed with a bit of rolling, she is starting to get up on her knees and hands and sway, she'll actually do this leap thing, its like a frog. So cute, I can't believe she's already seven months and well on her way to being eight! She also has two teeth on the bottom, and two on the top coming in, but she is still quite pleasent as long as her sister leaves her alone. But mom is not sure of these teeth, she is a biter, and may get weaned to the bottle sooner then I or her hopes to be.

Ah yes, Papa is the girls favorite! Page loves him and Daisy knows he'll take her to do the fun stuff. chores!


  1. I LOVE that picture of Daisy in the water boots and Page smiling. James got his first tooth and is a biter too. We may be weaning early too.

  2. Oh I love those two pictures too! Page is still my favorite baby! her and daisy are close...;) but that's probably cause i am their aunt haha but ya page is adorable smiling in that picture and daisy is a little trouble maker "look mom!" haha

  3. That is too cute! How much fun do you have? Love it!


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