Saturday, August 7, 2010

I can't decide...Can you help?

Last night I was so excited I'd finished appliquing the last of my watermelon seeds onto my watermelon blocks for my watermelon quilt. And the plan today was to sew the top all together, then I'd be that much closer to finishing this WIP. But thanks to my husband, who told me the way I was laying it out didn't look like watermelon, I still think it does, and after I explained it to him he seen it. So he showed me the way he did it, and we started playing around with different ways to lay this quilt out, and this morning I did some more playing around (you've gotta love the log cabin block so many possiblilities). Now I don't know what I like best...maybe you guys can help me.

Which layout looks the best for you, remember its a watermelon quilt.
Also just look at the placement, I will make sure the colors are all even looking when I do the final layout, and sorry some of the pictures are kinda blurry, I'm really thinking I need a new camera.







#7 & #8
These two pictures are the same layout, one is just more extended, I will have to make more green blocks to finish this layout, and that would not be a problem, even then do you like the smaller one or the bigger one!?



  1. My favorite layout is definitely #5. It's the most appealing to me visually. Now, is it the most like watermelon? I'm not sure, but I'm taking some creative license! ;) It looks great!

  2. Beautiful blocks and I have to say that I am partial to 1 and 5. They remind me most of watermelon.
    You really can't go wrong with any!

  3. Wow Lots of options! I really like #4 the most with #5 coming in as a second. Great job! )

  4. I like #2 the best! But I do also like #5.

  5. For me I love #5 they look like slices of watermelon. Some of the other layouts seem to just drop off with no closing. And with the colors you do not want it to look like Christmas. But that is just my 2 cents for what it is worth.
    and BTW it is beautiful, I love the colors, so summer like!

  6. My favourite is no 4 - to me it's the most striking - and I'm a fan always (and I know not everyone is) of white separating colours - it makes it look clean and fresh and modern to me - this is going to be a gorgeous quilt whichever layout you go for though.

  7. wow! lots of beautiful choices..after carefully considering each one I like #4 the best. The layout reminds me most of watermelon and the design is a little more modern and my style. LOVE IT!

  8. I like number 4 the best! :)

  9. It's really hard to choose! I like the idea of green outlining the red (like a watermelon), so I would go with #1 or #6. #5 is a close runner-up, though.

  10. #5 -- next up #1 .....

    any layout you choose is good -- they all look nice!


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