Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Bee Blocks

Well August is almost come to a close and school is starting tommorrow. I have no reason to dread or be excited about school starting for I'm done and I have no kids or husband in school. The only kinda sad part is that my mom is back to work. OH well, so goes life. Anyways, so here are my collaberation of blocks I did for the different quilting bees I'm in. So lets get the blocks a rollin!

First up are the blocks done for Valerie in NewBee. These are probably my favorite ones this month. I just LOVE the colors and the stars are so neat. If you want to know how to do these I have directions, let me know and I'll get them to you. Way fun and easy to do.

Next up is the Bee Quilted Group. In this group we are quilting as we sew, so when we get our finished blocks our quilt is already quilted. Its such a fun idea! In fact I used it to make/finish some throw pillows last night. Jennifer was up this month and she wanted us to do a robot block in the Drunk Love style. She is going to be using this quilt for her boy. Aren't they fun?

Next is the Bee in my Bonnet group. Julie wanted us to do large interesting squares framed with the purple print. Here's my version.

And last up is the Sew Bee Wonky Group. Kellie wanted wonky houses. So I did my version of my house I lived in. And look I even included Annabelle's home!

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