Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ranchers Wife

So do you want to know what its like to be a ranchers wife?

You might be a ranchers wife....
...If you know how to change the flat on your truck, but can't because the spare is on a flatbed.
...If your second vehicle is still a pickup.
...If your husband has ever used field equipment to maintain your lawn. ...If "picking rock" is considered a chance to get out of the house.
...If taking lunch to the pasture is as close as you get to a picnic.
...If you can mend a pair of pants and the fence that ripped them.
...If the shopping list in your purse incldes the sizes of filters, tires, chains, cables, spark plugs or shotgun shells.
...If your kids' wading pool has ever double as a stock tank or vice versa
...If duct tape is always on your shopping list.
...If the directions to your house includes the words, "miles", "silos", "last", or "gravel/dirt road". ...If you measure travel in miles not minutes.
...If your husband says, "Can you help me for a few minutes?" and you know that might be anywhere from a few minutes to six hours.
...If grass stains are the least of your laundry problems.
...If your refrigerator contains medicine, livestock medicine.
...If you need a pair of vice grips to run a house hold appliance
...If your husband gave you flowers, but you had to plant the seeds yourself.

You think I'm kidding? Haha nope, this is the truth same goes for being a ranchers daughter. Oh but I wouldn't do anything else.

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