Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quilting Bees

Well everyone I've joined some quilting bees, some online virtual quilting bees, should be lots of fun! The first one is all about Wonky blocks.
I'm excited, this will push my boundries, I'm such a perfectionist that it will be certainly interesting to see how wonky I can be. Come check out what we are doing here at Sew Bee Wonky.

I've also joined NewBee. This is a bee just for those who are new into bees or who are just looking for another bee to join. (I believe there is still one spot open!)

I'm excited this will be a new experince for me plus I can look at my finished quilts and say "this block is from here, and this block is from here..."

Interested in joinin a bee click here and find one just for you!

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