Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Progress

(Sammi, Daisy, Sidney, Cheyenne)

So I feel that June has just gone by WAY to fast. It seems like I got Koda's birthday out of the way and the month is now gone and July starts tommorrow crazy huh.

This month has been full of watching my neices and nephew, which has been lots of fun and really not all that bad. I have a lot of wide open space to just kick them outside and let them go. Its funny though how my girl is really the only one who roams, she usually can get Tanner and Sadey to go with her, but her other three cousins usually need me RIGHT THERE! Its kinda annoying seems like I can't get anything done.

Tractor Riding
(Sammi, Koda, Daisy, Sidney)

(Koda & Cheyenne)
I've also been put on the scheduale to help Grandma Liebhardt get out of bed. She had to have a foot amputated and so while she is getting use to it, she has to be helped out of bed into her wheelchair and then helped back into bed at nights. I got the morning shift, which is great for me, we are morning people here (although five years ago I was not!).

The other great news....Koda got my washing machine hooked up and I did my first load last night!!!!!!!!! This is so wonderful!!!!!! Now maybe I'll have to actually stick to potty training Daisy since I have a washing machine now.

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