Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nursing Cover

Remember that way cute fabric I showed you a couple days a go? Well here is project number one: cut, sewn, completed, and given to the happy new owner.

It is a nursing cover for a new momma. If your like me you will love this! Number one: the little rascal can't pull it down and expose you to everyone in sight when nursing in public. Number two: its fabric for you so most people don't even know your nursing, cause its obviously not a baby print fabric. Number three: easy to clean and pack with you on your travels. Number four: you can peek at the little rascal and nobody else can without having to move it all over the place.

I believe that every nursing mother would love to have one of these, they are so convinent and very cute. Want one? or do you know of someone wanting one? Let me know I can make it for you!

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