Friday, June 25, 2010

Pinwheel Progress

Lookie Lookie here, I've gotten all my blocks from my block exchange that I told you about earlier. Remember there was six of us, we made two different blocks each and this is what came forth! I think it looks great. Now I just need to decide how to lay it out and how/what to use for my sashing. I'm trying really hard to have this done by July 1st so I can have it on my couch by the 4th. Hope it works out!

A few interesting notes of observation:
1. We all used different fabric designs/colors. Critieria: Red, White, & Blue, What variations!
2. 3 of us used the same pattern twice (six blocks are the same pattern) but you can't tell because of the different colors that everyone used.
4. It turned out great!

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