Saturday, October 8, 2011

Schedules, Hands, 4wd, and Julie Andrews

Life has been crazy!
Which I guess is really normal for us.
Koda is actually working a kind of schedule.
10 days.
5 off.
10 nights.
We are on the sucky side of that schedule.
This past week we didn't get any scheduled preschool in.
But we did get to spend wonderful time with our daddy and husband.
We also had a checkup for Miss Page.
All is healing well.
Maybe within a year to eighteen months her hand will look better.
I'm mostly excited that the next trip to the city is in 3 months instead of 1.
The weather here has been CRAPPY!
Like as in it froze the other night.
Snow this morning.
Mud everywhere.
To visit me you must have 4wd.
Dead serious.
I hate the mud!!!
But on a happier note.
I've been on a Julie Andrews kick.
Sound of Music, watched last night.
Mary Poppins, tonight.
Princess Diaries, tomorrow?
Hmmmm what's some of your favs?

I'm going to go to bed.
Night to you all!

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