Sunday, October 2, 2011

A is for Apple

"The A says ahhh
The A says ahh
Every letter makes a sound the A says ahhh"

I've heard that song all week long.
Yes my girls LOVE the movie Leap Frog Letter Factory.

So as you can guess we learned about A this week.
Our week consisted of,
Aa sorting/matching.
Aa Do-a-dots, we actually got some bingo markers at the $1 Store, they did really good with them!
A is for Apple coloring page, Daisy actually traced the Aa for the first time! I'd say she did pretty darn good.
Apple pre-writing pages.
Read The adventures of Abby Alligator.
Mini Book Who Ran Away.
And A vocab cards.
And Letter Factory!!!

We also read 10 Apples up on Top by Dr. Suess and did apple print painting, drew a picture with 10 apples on our heads, and tried to have 10 apples...umm really 1 apple on  our head.

Our theme this month is Fall!
So we did a Fall tot book and had a fall themed sensory tub.
Also to go with our Fall theme we started reading Charlotte's Web.
They really enjoyed this week and so did I!

Next up L is for Leaves!!

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