Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crazy Wonderful Life

In Pictures.
Mel Bell On Picture Day

Three Girls, Three Personalities

Loving the stroller Riding

Farm Kid--Knows opening the gate is a waste of time, since you have to close it again

This is what you do once you tear your room apart.

Melody's Christmas Present.
Hehe It's so cute!!!

Climbing up high to the tippy top of the fuel tanks.

Rumor has it Uncle Cole will be home soon!!
Crossing our fingers!!!

Mud Galore.
2 girls.
1 week.
17 pairs of pants.
A tired mom.

Swinging at the park

Oh ya, Mom is the center of the universe!

Hard Core Fishing

Feeding horses apples

Little Diva Girl. 


  1. Melody's dress & bow are ADORABLE! I can't believe all those jeans across the trampoline...wow! And that mess in the bedroom? Hee hee hee...I guess crazy messes happen in ALL homes with little ones :)

  2. How cute! Love that hat!! Can't believe Melanie is so big already!


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