Monday, October 10, 2011

Dinosaur Quarry trip with the YF&R

We woke up Saturday to a winter wonderland.
The first of October.
Well we went to our Young Farmer and Rancher Social.
Not many showed up, just us die hard's.
We went to the Dinosaur Quarry to see the bones in the hillside.
It's been quite a while since I've been up to the quarry, sad since my parents live around the bend from it basically.
Well, and it's been closed for the past five years.
It is now opened again after renovations, so admission was free for the past few weeks.
So here are some fun pictures from our visit!
Yes I realize that all the snow is melted in the pictures...but believe me it covered everything, until it melted.
I'm thinking we need to go and visit the field house soon.

 The girls would love that!


  1. Looks like a neat place to visit! So sorry that you have snow already...I"ll bet you would be glad to wait a LONG time for the snow to come! ;)

    It's been in the upper 70's every day this week, which is very strange for this time of year. We're enjoying the warms days while they last!

  2. Is that Dinasour National Park in Utah? If so, we have been there too! Very cool!

  3. My Boogie loves dinosaurs! How fun! Field trips are hands on learning at it's best :)



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