Monday, May 23, 2011

Reasons to HATE night shift

Its hard going to sleep when your man is gone
I'm up to late
Reading, blogging, Facebooking, surfing, movie watching, sewing, to-do listing, housework, texting
Or all of the above
Not a smart thing seeing how I have
A newborn
A teething toddler
And 3 early risers
Sleep is a must when you have a child
Times that by three equals more sleep needed, but not gotten usually
So its 9:30 pm now
I'm feeding the baby
The princesses are asleep
I'm going to bed
Hopefully I'm able to sleep and not stay up to late reading
The curse of a good book
Oh and the biggest reason to hate nightshift
It's Lonley

Hope your nights are better and if you haven't enjoyed the wonders of night shift...hope you never do.
ON another note, Isn't this just sweet?


PS only took me an hour to upload this pic...UGH

1 comment:

  1. that is adorable! I hope tim never has to work at night agian!!! I feel for you!


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