Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Oldest Turns 3

Yesterday was my daughters 3rd birthday.
She's grown up so much.
From this:

To This:

I've changed alot too, though.
She is defintaly the child that makes me want to pull my hair out the most.
But then she smiles with her wild hair do.
And she's forgiven.
She's such a girl but a huge tomboy.
I don't know anyone else who can wear a tutu princess dress, high heels to big for your feet, with a crown.
And still run down the muddy road to go help change water.
Can you?
I can't.
I can't do it in tennis shoes and levis.
Oh but I did just give birth two weeks or so ago.
That's my excuse.
So today we are in the aftermath of partying.
Yep, all three...I mean four are asleep right now.
So I'm being lazy and sitting her eating pizza and frosting.
SHH don't tell anyone.
I'm really folding laundry, or I will be soon.

Have a great day Ya'll!


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