Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Miss Melody

Thursday, April 28th our newest little angel arrived.

It was a long time coming. I started having contractions Easter Sunday, went in and got sent home; Early Labor. Well I kept having these contractions on and off. We seen the doctor on Wednesday and asked if I could be induced. Koda had been off work and just hanging around just in case. We didn't dare start working on our water line, in case she showed up in the middle of the project, so it was just waiting. And my patience was GONE. Dr. B was also leaving the next day for like five days and I wanted him to be there to deliver me.

Well by the end o the day, I was scheduled to go in at seven the next morning to be induced. Next morning about five thirty I get a call, telling me that during the night all the labor rooms had filled up and to call back about nine to see when to go in. So we waited, I called, and I could get right in. Now of course it took us a hour and half to get there.

So ten twenty I was in the labor room, hooked up and ready to go. Twelve thirty came along and Dr. B came and checked me and broke my water. An forty five minutes later the epidural finally showed up I was hurting pretty good by then. Two o'clock came along and I was wanting to push pretty badly. The epidural still hadn't quite taken full effect by then. Dr. B was able to get there and deliver me, although it was scheduled for Dr. A to do it. They figured that it would take a lot longer then two hours to get her here. I suppose it was a good thing we had me induced cause I figure if I hadn't and Koda was still at work, there is no way he would've gotten there in time for the delivery.

So we had our Melody Belle at 2:23 pm Thursday April 28th. She weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz and a length of 19.5 inches and has a ton of hair.

Daisy is captivated by her and wants to help me do everything if it includes "Mellie". Page is a little more skeptical and has realized she's not the baby anymore and is turning into a regular toddler with tantrums being thrown over the littlest things. My sweet little baby girl is growing up, but I guess that happens, especially when you get a new baby in the house. One thing I was shocked by was how big Page actually was, its amazing, she isn't a baby. Haha funny I know. We are glad Melody is here and even though I'm a little more stressed out now, we'll someday figure it out.

The three girls

It really does happen three napping at once

Daisy and Melody

Daisy and Melody

Dad entertains the girls


  1. OH these pictures are soo cute! I love the one of the three of them! And look at you miracle worker! I can't even get Tim and Jack to nap at the same time! You do have more practice than me...

  2. Your gals are so cute! Love all the pictures.

  3. She is so cute..just like the other two!!! Super excited for you!! Love you!!


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